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Coconut Shell Selection & Cleaning

Coconut shell is delivered directly to our production centers all around Indonesia via hundreds of suppliers and hardworking farmers who follow organic growth standards. We only use mature and highly fresh coconut shells to ensure higher quality and yields when making charcoal. Our highly trained and experienced team then inspects and cleans the coconut shells before carbonizing. The coconut shells are always stored in a dry place.

Charcoal Production Process

The quality of the briquette is mainly determined by the charcoal used. Coconut shells are carefully selected to make charcoal. The charcoal we make has a high level of fixed carbon and is low in volatiles and ash. We get rid of the volatile matter that causes smoke and odors during carbonization. We let the charcoal cool down naturally over several hours instead of using water to cool it down.
Charcoal Crushing, Sieving, and Mixing
To remove excess ash, coconut shell charcoal is crushed and sieved. By doing this, we can keep the ash in the briquettes below 2.5%. Then the charcoal gets finely ground. In an industrial mixer, we mix the charcoal powder with about 4% natural binders, like tapioca starch, until it’s uniformly coated. The charcoal powder stays intact when pressed and made into briquettes with the binder.

Coconut Briquette Moulding and Sizing

Charcoal powder is mixed with a binder, pressed into briquettes by molding attached at the end of the extruder machines, and manually sliced. Then it slices by a cutter to a specific length usually come in shapes like 22, 25, or 26mm cubes and 20x50mm or 20x35mm hexagons. To ensure our briquettes look neat and uniform, we take great care to make sure edges and faces are straight and smooth.

Drying and packaging the Charcoal Briquette.

After getting the right size, the next process is drying the charcoal briquette by putting it into a big oven and set to 70 degrees Celsius for at least 8 hours. It will reach moisture at about 5 to 7%. The next process is packaging the charcoal briquette. There are some packaging options that buyers could choose from as shisha needs 1kg inner plastic, 1kg inner display box, and 10kg master box. For BBQ will be 10kg inner plastic and a 10kg master box. In the end, The coconut charcoal briquette is ready to be shipped.


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